Dave O'Connell is a storyboard artist from Michigan. He has created storyboard  
artwork for countless television commercials. Included among the various clients  
he has done work for are automotive companies and food product industries.  
His relationship with Christ became real when he began to study the bible.  
Through the years, he has been inspired to render images that have come to  
mind while reading the bible. Now, for the first time in thirty years, drawings  
of those images are made available for the whole world to see and experience. 
Why did he create this book? Why not do whatever he can through art to make  
Jesus famous? This book has been on his heart for a long time and he is praying  
that the same joy he experienced while creating this book will become your joy  
as you color and read the bible verse assigned to each drawing. 

Coloring Spiritual Note-cards
6 Cards and 6 Envelopes
Artist: Dave O'Connell 
$12.00 plus tax and  shipping

Spiritual Coloring Cards Volume 1

Spiritual Coloring Book Volume 2 

Coming Soon 

Spiritual Coloring Book Volume 1 

List Price: $11.99 Plus Tax and Shipping
8.5" x 11" (21.59 x 27.94 cm) 
32 High Quality artist drawings based on the bible verse for each coloring page. It will take you on a coloring adventure with the
Prince of peace.

Publisher: Soevad Creative Media LLC
ISBN-13: 978-0692651995